The Best Definition and Concept of Digital Marketing

The Best Definition and Concept of Digital Marketing | Digital marketing is a marketing strategy carried out by companies, organizations or even individuals to market their products using digital media. You certainly have seen companies or organizations that have a website or social media with a variety of interesting information. That is what is called digital marketing.

For those of you who want to learn about digital marketing strategies, we recommend that you first know the concepts of digital marketing itself.

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Therefore, here are 5 of the best digital marketing concepts that you can run to sell your products, namely:

Learn About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a digital marketing concept that you can run now. SEO is an online marketing strategy that you can run with long-term life and a fairly long process. However, there is no need to worry about the price you have to pay is not so expensive compared to other digital marketing strategies.

At present, having good writing content is an online marketing strategy that is still used by digital marketing practitioners, although it seems old-fashioned but this is still considered effective. Here are some of the basics that need to be considered in running SEO, namely:
  • Must have heading (H1) with relevant text
  • Has Alt in the image, where the description is in the image
  • Description of text fo- Must have heading (H1) with relevant text
  • Has Alt in the image, where the description is in the image
  • Description of text for Link (example 'click here' or 'next info'
  • Has Meta description to describe your content, general maximum of 160 characters.
  • Has a maximum title length of 80 characters.r Link (example 'click here' or 'next info')
  • Has Meta description to describe your content, general maximum of 160 characters.
  • Has a maximum title length of 80 characters.

Optimize Web Content For Easy Reading

You must be able to distinguish how to present content in online media and print media, because of course it will be very different. For online media people will prefer to read or view content that is short and not grandiose, to provide information that is interesting and useful for them. If there are clues to the content that you present, visitors to your blog or website will feel bored and immediately leave your website without hesitation.

Make sure you also provide interesting images, so that the content doesn't look boring, otherwise don't forget to add H1 tags on each topic. So that your readers can see the important points that you present. 

There Is No Wrong Using Paid Social Media

Using free social media can indeed give you potential visitors to the website, because this seems easier. However, for the range you will get will not be broad, you can only share content to followers or friends, so you cannot attract new visitors to the website. By using advertisements your reach will be broader and can get your latest visitors. Here are some digital marketing concepts for social media, namely:
  • Have a plan to achieve goals
    Before using social media advertisements it's good to draw up your plan to get a goal. Like the target customer and the budget that will be released to get that goal. So, when running your ad, just run the concept.
  • Interact with targeted groups
    You really need to have a wider target audience. However, you must have one group and interact with them. Interacting with one group or community that fits your business on social media, can bring potential customers.
  • Try to be different
    In carrying out your online marketing strategy, try to be different or unique. So that people are interested, because you don't impress the market.
  • Pay attention to job prospects
    When you have finished completing each strategy, we recommend that you pay attention to your job prospects, whether they have succeeded or not.

Also Use Pay Per-Click Ads

The next digital marketing concept that can be implemented is using pay-per-click advertising. Facebook and Google are platforms that provide this feature to users. The goal is of course that the business run by the user runs well. The advantage of this ad is that the price is affordable, so you only need to pay for the success. Every click made by the end is what you have to pay. Certainly, your ad will be made according to the keywords that are targeted. So, visitors who come to your website are very potential visitors.

Develop an Online Marketing Strategy for Each Channel

In the concept of digital marketing using social media, we have already discussed developing an online marketing strategy to run a business. Now this concept is broader, namely to develop a digital marketing strategy for each channel you use. Whether it's using SEO, paid social media marketing, paid advertising or other things. Because compiling a marketing strategy from now on and having a good concept will help you reach your goals quickly and systematically. So, you don't walk in the dark, in achieving your goals.

Well, that's about 5 digital marketing concepts that you can run. Good luck and your digital marketing strategy goes well. Don't forget to share this article, so that more people will understand the concept of digital marketing. Thank you :)